Wishing on a Star

"Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight." I paused and opened my bedroom window. The night breeze caressed my hair with those warm, end-of-summer scents. With my eyes scrunched closed, I jabbed my finger out the window at the sparkling sky, opened my eyes and focused hard on one of the glittering spots I... Continue Reading →


Ouch! That hurt.

It started innocent. I rarely share any "status updates" on FB unless I am posting something about one of my kids (for family members to read). We had something unexplainable happen in the middle of the night though, so I posted quick about it. One recently recovered childhood friend commented that I should think about... Continue Reading →

Family! (Fictional)

"I'm your brother," his voice dripped with venom even as his eyes pleaded for understanding, sympathy, and forgiveness once again, "you can't turn your back on me, Laura." His shoulders strained with the rage that was boiling under the surface. "Okay, we share genetics. What does that have to do with me laying down on... Continue Reading →


What happens to the mind once it's been damaged for a length of time? Is recovery possible? Is the person that was still there? Damaged. I think I'm damaged. I shutter when I hear "potential". Oh sure, I had potential. Heard it all the time growing up. "She has so much potential, if only..." My... Continue Reading →

Day 8: Summer Vacation

Summer I step outside, inhale deeply and choke on the moisture soaked air. He laughs at me, "Take a drink." I whip the ball at him, trying not to laugh, as I give him the evil look. He pretends shock as he catches the white ball with ease. Then, the glint of the lake catches... Continue Reading →

Day 6: Melting

The sound of the electric bell rings throughout the rooms and children of all ages scream, cheer and squeal happily as they run out the doors to their awaiting parents all of whom are just as anxious as their children to scurry away from the school parking lot until September rolls around again. It's melting.... Continue Reading →

Day 3: To My Daddy in Heaven

You held my hand as we crossed the road together. You laughed when I asked for a sip of your chocolate shake and I gulped it down as quick as I could. You always shared your ice cream cone, even when I had my own. I won't ever forget getting to stay up late to... Continue Reading →

10 Minute Quickie (Day 2)

(Continued from Day 1) (This is a 10 Minute Quickie. There has been no editing or revision so please excuse the dust.) "Who put a wall in the middle of the damn sidewalk?" I choked out accusingly between staggered breaths. "Lee, put me down." I slapped his chest letting him know I was going to... Continue Reading →

Day 1

(The following is my daily write. It is fresh off the Muse press. No editing or revisions so please excuse the dust.) Busy! Her phone was busy. My cell slammed on to the table. How could it be busy? Alicia was gabby, I knew that but how could her phone be busy? She had to... Continue Reading →

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