My Writing Space

Hey all you writers and readers out there in the blogosphere, if you stumble upon my blog please feel free to pull up a virtual chair, mat, beanbag, whatever you’d like and make yourself comfy and at home. There’s coffee over there, water, juice and pop in the fridge. Help yourself.

You’re likely to find little critters that are born of my imagination playing about, just be careful not to step on the fuzzy little things and don’t feed them after midnight. Wait! Oops. Maybe that was gremlins. Ok, go ahead and feed them but just in case they’re like gremlins, maybe only feed them the yummiest goodies!

On a more serious note, what am I doing with a blog? *Shrug*. I don’t know exactly, yet. I mean, it’s my space… right? I can do what I want… right? Let’s just run with it and see where it takes me. I would like to give my imagination some exercise. If your imagination would like to get to know mine, have a playdate, or just share, please comment and let me know where to find your little space.


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