Busy, Busy, Busy


In the voice of Professor Hinkle, “busy, busy, busy.”

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend, whatever it is this holiday means to you. I personally enjoyed the extra family time and the parade we go to go to.

I need to write. I’ve got several stories demanding my attention and life is even more demanding. I am blogging this right now while my hubby drives, a rarity.

Between doctor visits, tests, kid appointments, and end of the year school activities, this week is hopping. I try my best to get some kind of creative writing in daily, but it’s going to be a tight schedule.

If you read my zombie story post, that is one of my main creative writing focus this week. I am also focusing on a conflict with the third chapter of my main story.

Keep checking back if you’re waiting to see if Sam and friends have to deal with a swarm.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Yeah life always intervene, I know, it always happen to me. But eventually you’ll get the job done, and you’ll be back finding that you have more to offer in writing.
    Its like i always say, by having time away from creating ideas, we give our subconscious time to form them for us… best ideas come from the subconscious since our conscious is always busy with our reality…

    hmmmm a swarm…. that will be interesting… 🙂

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