Wait! I’m Not Old!


“People are in such a hurry these days.” The elderly man standing at the counter said.

“I don’t think we should even have stop signs anymore. Just put in yield signs so all the rushing people can get through as fast as possible.” Answered another elderly gentleman sitting in the doctor office chair behind me.

“Melanie.” Called the nurse. I left the two men venting to one another about “people today” and couldn’t help laugh a little to myself. Then I started thinking about it.  I know as a society we do move much faster than generations before us. We have more to do and we have more ways to do them. Cell phones, laptops, Wi-Fi, internet calendars sending us reminders daily of all the things we need to remember and accomplish. Sure, we are more rushed, in more of a hurry, our lives are just more complicated. But, are we really that bad?

Then I wondered how much of it is age? Maybe as we age we begin to lose tolerance for doing things in a rush. It made me think more in depth about the possibilities of aging and what it might mean in my life. I’m how old? Eek. No, I’m not that old! I have more time before life and people truly start flying by me but thinking about it made me wonder how this could play into my current story.

Hmm. Food for thought.


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