Prompt 16: Rip Van Winkle

As a little girl the story of Rip Van Winkle fascinated me. I was not a child fond of reading a book. I loved to create stories but my patience was too hyperactive to tolerate focusing on a book.

I could sit long enough for the right story teller. The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Rip Van Winkle and Stone Soup are three stories I recall being told by someone who was an amazing story teller.

Prompt 16: Rip Van Winkle. Write a scene based off of Rip Van Winkles story. May you could toss the lazy drunk man into modern society. Maybe he was asleep 100 years, not 20. Have fun with it and make it your own.

Here is a link if you’d like to read the tale: Rip Van Winkle


Prompt 15: The Gargoyle

The Gargoyle:

Get into the mind of a Gargoyle. You sit there day in and day out, protecting your building and watching the humans moving below. What do you think of their activities.

The following is a song from Dead Winter Dead by Savatage


In the town of Sarajevo, there’s an old medieval square
There’s a church aside one corner most believe was always there

It was built a thousand years before any now were born
And its glory was its belfry with its stones all gray…and worn

Now there’s a gargoyle on that belfry and he’s been up there for years
And he has watched and he has pondered: “What is laughter, what are tears?”

And he’s never found his answers as he sees the years go by
But he watches and he wonders with his stone unblinking eyes

Prompt 14: Heat Wave

(I’m not exactly sure what happened to this prompt. I wrote this up from my cell phone and I was sure it published but then today I notice the prompt has vanished. Me and this wordpress app seem to not be understanding one another.

Well, I can’t remember exactly how I worded my prompt yesterday, but I’ll do my best to replace it. If you happened to read prompt 14 before it disappeared, I’m sorry that this isn’t exactly the same.)

Heat Wave

A heat wave was  slamming most than half of the states. One small town in the South has been hitting temperatures that rival Death Valley. This town decides to handle the heat wave in an unusual way.

Have fun writing!

Prompt 13: Genie’s Lamp

You come across an interesting object at an estate sale. It resembles a “genie lamp.” You turn it over in your hands, try to pull off the lid–no, you can’t budge it–and laugh to yourself as you look around to see if anyone notices you. There are a lot of people at the sale. You contemplate setting it down but you imagine sitting in your home and the tales you could tell.

You take the lamp to find out how much it costs. It’s not the prettiest looking thing and you haggle it down to $2.75.

Pleased, you take it home. You decide the perfect place to display it and as you move to sit it down you feel the lamp shake.

Curious, and chidding yourself for being silly, you rub your hand along the side of the lamp.

POOF! An actual genie appears!

Now what do you do with a genie?

Prompt 12: The Rocking Chairs

The Rocking Chairs

Personification: the attribution of a personal nature or character to inanimate objects or abstract notions, especially as a rhetorical figure.

Imagine if a pair of rocking chairs were created by a young man for his new bride. These two rocking chairs stay with the couple as the couple goes through life. The couple have grown old.

Tell a story from the rocking chair(s) point of view.

Prompt 11: The Walk

Whatever kind of writer you are, we all need to take some time to let the world around us suck us in. Unlike what some of the world imagines about writers, we do however have busy lives just like anyone else.

Today, go for a walk. If you can maybe take a video camera with you or a camera. Your walk can be anywhere you’d like to examine: an outdoor walk in the neighborhood, the night life of downtown, a grocery store, a mall, the YMCA, or maybe even a library.

Pay detailed attention to everything. People, sounds, smells, the atmosphere. If you have a video camera make verbal notes. (Just remember the law please and ask permission before shooting  video on private property.)

If you don’t have a video camera, use a regular camera, our a plain notebook and pencil/pen will do.

Write out your scene using the details from your walk today.

Day 10: Sleepy, Grumpy and Pissy?

Seriously, I have no motivation to write tonight. See school is out for the summer and my house is busting with kids.

Ok, not busting. It feels like it though. I cherish summer time with all five of my children, but it’s also a difficult time.

See my two oldest live with their biological father for half the year and switch time is approaching.

“How do you work out school?” I’m not quite sure why but this seems to be one of the first questions people always want to ask me.

We live near each other. The kids stay at the same school year ’round.

Why can’t I get time to slow down a bit? Summer should not go this fast!

Anyway, “Homes Go Wild: When Children Vacation” has started. My schedule is all messed up. So please forgive the later morning posts and these weird ones from my bed and my cell phone.

Sleep time.