The Return of Distraction!

Distraction Returns

I gently lowered the lid of my flimsy netbook, shutting down my computer, pleased that I was able to finish chapter one of my little zombie story. I walked into my kitchen to dump out the cold coffee from my cup. “Relax deeply. Dream Big. Believe with all your heart.” I read the side of my cup out loud.

“Do you really believe in that crap?” A deep voice, crawling with creepies and oozing with blackened and charred remains of destroyed dreams, sneered from behind me. “I don’t think you’re that foolish. Let’s see how you deal with this.”

I didn’t bother turning to confront the monster. I knew the kitchen would be empty. Then it happened.



I rinsed my cup out and set it to the side of the sink, dragged my feet into the dining room and checked my cell phone. Appointment reminder. Appointment reminder.

I ticked off in my head the things our family had to accomplish this weekend. There’d be time to edit and revise. That evil beast, Distraction, wasn’t going to win this battle either.

Friday night came and went. Saturday came and I could feel the monster lurking and laughing.

I called up two friends. They are here with me now ready for Distraction to come out of hiding. Their names are Stubborn and Dedicated. They have a lot of experience with fighting off Distraction. Ok, my dear friends, let’s get to work!

(Goal is to have my zombie chapter edit done and posted tonight or tomorrow morning.)


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