Writing Challenge: Song or Album

New writing challenge, folks! There is a quickie challenge and a long challenge. Hope you pick one of them and share!

Growing up, music was just as important part of me as stories. I lived for both. Music is still very much a major influence and part of my life. Unlike childhood though I no longer strive to become some amazing musician. I enjoy music. I need music. I enjoy reading and writing. I need to read and write. Music and stories are my old couple sitting in the rocking chairs on the front porch.


(Quickie) Writing Challenge: Select a song that for whatever reason you absolutely love! You walk around humming this song, singing this song and when it happens to come on the radio you squeal like a little girl and turn it up as loud as you can stand it while dancing in your seat! Now take that song and think about what story/poem could come from it. Write it out and share!

(Long) Writing Challenge: Select an entire album that you absolutely love! (Or make your own up of various songs you love). Use each track of the album as a chapter of a longer story. You don’t have to keep them in order. Mash them up if you like.

(Bonus suggestion: Make the title of your story/poem the title of the song you used.)

Have fun writing and I hope you share what you do so we can all enjoy it too!


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