10 Minutes, 365 Days. Write!

I am setting a writing goal for myself. 10 minutes a day, 365 days. Just write. It doesn’t have to be inspiring, witty, catchy. Just write…something.

I’d like some buddies. If you’re training for some kind of event, you usually try to find some buddies to train with you. Helps keep you motivated.

I want buddies!

So beginning tomorrow morning, for the next 365 days I will be posting two posts. First post will be a prompt idea of some kind just in case your muse decided throw a temper tantrum over all the work. The second will be my 10 minute quickie. It might be embarrassing ’cause I’m certain there will be plenty of bad writing days. I want to do this though.

I’ll look for the tag “10 minute quickie” to look for buddies or you can e-mail me at my new e-mail to point me in your direction if you’d like to be my buddy.

Also, if you have some prompt ideas, please e-mail me. I can’t promise I’ll use them all, but I’d love to see some ideas that you have.

Off to try to get a good night of rest so I’m ready to begin my 365 days of writing!


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