Day 1

(The following is my daily write. It is fresh off the Muse press. No editing or revisions so please excuse the dust.)

Busy! Her phone was busy. My cell slammed on to the table. How could it be busy? Alicia was gabby, I knew that but how could her phone be busy? She had to be talking to two people at the same time. It was barely light outside. I picked my phone up and swung it downward at the table top a few more times. Damn it. What was I doing?

I picked up my phone and checked it over. Thank goodness for Gorilla® glass. I had destroyed so many phones that I didn’t believe this one would last, but so far I hadn’t busted it. I needed to learn to control my temper. Patience was not one of my virtues and today it was pushed past my limit. There was nothing worse than waiting for potential bad news.

The kitchen chair hit the floor as I flew to my feet pushing away from the table. I had to get out of here. There was nothing in this boring apartment to help calm my nerves. I didn’t even have a cat or goldfish to confide in. Alicia was obviously busy. She was one of my dearest friends, but that’s one of the cons of having a friend as sweet as Alicia—she’s got a lot of good friends. Where to go? I checked my cell. 6:50AM. The doctor’s office wouldn’t be calling for awhile yet.

I shoved the phone in my jeans pocket, pulled on my beat-up running shoes, double checked the deadbolt on my door then took off down the stairs. Mr. Beaker from A3 waved as he headed into his apartment. He had to be the friendliest vampire I’d ever known. I waved back—who wants to insult a vampire—and continued outside.

I didn’t care for running. I knew there were people who lived to run and when they see you running they assume you love running too. Why else would you run? I didn’t have an answer for that other than I had to run. My furniture had seen damage from my restlessness on the occasions I hadn’t been able to get out. The agitation started like an annoying flicking sensation at the base of my skull. As the day wore on this feeling would spread throughout my entire body. The only way to be rid of it was heavy activity. Lifting weights seemed like such a guy thing. I ran.

Today I ran for another reason. I ran so I wouldn’t destroy my phone while trying to wait for the call. I pulled the phone out of my pocket, checking it to make sure I didn’t accidentally mute the ringer or something.

“Sarah, watch it!”

Pain jolted down my spine and the air whipped from my chest as I ran face first into a wall of flesh.

“Shit!” A pair of arms scooped me up as my backside grazed the cement. The sexiest, powder blue eyes searched my face. “Sarah?” The face swam before my eyes as I gulped down some air, the fire in my chest calming.

“Who put a wall in the middle of the damn sidewalk?” I choked out accusingly between staggered breaths. “Lee, put me down.” I slapped his chest letting him know I was going to be fine.


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