10 Minute Quickie (Day 2)

(Continued from Day 1) (This is a 10 Minute Quickie. There has been no editing or revision so please excuse the dust.)

“Who put a wall in the middle of the damn sidewalk?” I choked out accusingly between staggered breaths. “Lee, put me down.” I slapped his chest letting him know I was going to be fine.

His expression relaxed and he laughed as he dropped me on my feet. Wolves. Wolves confused me and Lee confused me even more. He lived just down the street and when I first moved into my apartment, Lee seemed to despise me. I was paranoid for weeks that I needed new shampoo, deodorant, laundry detergent or something because every time I passed by this man his lips narrowed, he stared at me hard and his nose wrinkled. Wrinkled!

I couldn’t take it. One day I stopped running as I neared his small front yard garden patch, walked up with in inches of his body and inhaled sharply.

“I don’t smell a darn thing wrong with me. Do you? If you do, please let me know what it is so I can take care of it. If not would you please stop looking at me as if I rolled on rotted meat instead of deodorant?” He stepped back, his face unreadable. His head tilted to the right as he took his sweet time looking me over. I was about to show him exactly how I was different from normal humans when he laughed that warming laugh of his.

“Fair enough.” He turned from me and went back to his garden like nothing had happened. That was two years ago. Since then we had developed a strained friendship. Any kind of relationship with a wolf was strained even if you were one of them. They didn’t trust easily and well, neither did I. Somehow we had become friends and did trust each other.

I straightened myself and slowed my breathing. My feet shifted with agitation on the cement. He was going to catch on soon that something was different and there was no way I was going to allow Lee to drag this out of me. I was willing to confide in Alicia but it was asking too much of me to confide in Lee.

“Sorry that I didn’t notice you there. Gotta run.” I started jogging around him when suddenly the wall of flesh was in my way again.


I jogged around him again but the annoying brute moved to block my way.

“Yes. I said sorry. Now could you move out of the way, Lee, so I can finish my run?” I studied my feet bouncing up and down on the sidewalk. Move, darn you!

“You’re not going anywhere. You don’t say ‘sorry’.” He didn’t move and his eyes narrowed at me. “Come inside and have some coffee with me. Tell me what’s going on.”

I whipped my gaze to level with his and gave him a warning shove. Just a light one. His feet only slide about six inches backward on the sidewalk. Being a telekinetic was all kept me living with the “supernaturals” and their side of town. I looked and smelled like a norm but a little shove was enough to gain respect. Lee knew this.

His brow lifted as a laugh left him. Whew. That might not have gone so well.

“You made your point. Go run if you really want or have coffee with me. Your choice. I get my choice too, though, that’s how this game works. No coffee with me? Then I get to run with you.”

Damn it. If there was a chance of someone being more stubborn than me, it would be the wolves. With the wolves everything was treated as a challenge first. If it wasn’t a challenge it became a game. Fine. Challenge accepted.

“Let’s see how your garden sandals hold up against my running shoes.” I ran around him.


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