Day 3: To My Daddy in Heaven

You held my hand as we crossed the road together. You laughed when I asked for a sip of your chocolate shake and I gulped it down as quick as I could. You always shared your ice cream cone, even when I had my own. I won’t ever forget getting to stay up late to watch special shows with you. I didn’t understand Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica (Buck Rodgers), or those “ninja” shows, but that didn’t matter. What was important was getting to sit next to you, even though I should have been in bed, and sharing that time with you. Plus smashing my toys together as I pretended that Godzilla was after them was fun!

I wasn’t the easiest teen. I really was not the easiest young adult, either. We were both pig-headed and butting heads was a past-time it seemed. Growing up, I felt like I was closer to mom than you, but as an adult I realize we were closer than I could understand. I didn’t understand you at all. I became a mom. I understand so much more, now.

You were never perfect and you made a lot of mistakes. You tried your best. I hope you can read this in heaven, dad. Happy Father’s Day. I love you.


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