Day 4: Sugar Coating

“Sugar Coating”

Why is “sugar coating” a bad thing? Really, people. I’m an honest woman but I don’t understand why people need to be so rude. I don’t feel that “sugar coating” is a lie. No. A lie is a lie. “Sugar coating”, to me, is telling the truth but in a way that is as nice as can be.

For example:

Getting ready to go to a club. (No, I haven’t done that in many years now!) My dear friend has slapped on some pretty hideous looking make-up. This isn’t typical of her and I’m not sure what she’s thinking. However, she steps out into the living room where I am waiting with my boyfriend and another friend of ours.

Before I can do anything I hear, “Oh my god, you look like some kind of circus whore,” followed by a hysterical laughter.

My jaw hits the floor. That was my boyfriend who blurted that out. Jerk! I give him an evil look, tell him that wasnotneeded and ask my now very hurt friend to follow me in the bathroom.

The poor girl was horribly upset. She ranted and raved at me. I agreed with her and calmed her down. She was right, what he said was just mean.

Then I said, “I know what he said was mean, but sweetheart could I try redoing your make-up? You’re so beautiful and all that make-up is hiding your face. Let’s do something that will make your beauty stand out, ok?” She accepted my words just fine and thanked me for telling her that it was over-done.

I feel I got across the same basic message that my boyfriend did, only I did it with a little “sugar”. I didn’t tell a lie. She was beautiful, just not with the way her make-up was done. Did she look like some kind of circus act? Yep. Did she need to be told that in that way? Not in my opinion.

So, please, tell me, why is this a bad thing again?


One comment

  1. I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all. You handled the situation with a lot more tact than your boyfriend, in a way that didn’t hurt your friend at all. There’s a difference between being honest and being brutally honest.

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