Day 10: Sleepy, Grumpy and Pissy?

Seriously, I have no motivation to write tonight. See school is out for the summer and my house is busting with kids.

Ok, not busting. It feels like it though. I cherish summer time with all five of my children, but it’s also a difficult time.

See my two oldest live with their biological father for half the year and switch time is approaching.

“How do you work out school?” I’m not quite sure why but this seems to be one of the first questions people always want to ask me.

We live near each other. The kids stay at the same school year ’round.

Why can’t I get time to slow down a bit? Summer should not go this fast!

Anyway, “Homes Go Wild: When Children Vacation” has started. My schedule is all messed up. So please forgive the later morning posts and these weird ones from my bed and my cell phone.

Sleep time.


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