Prompt 10: Bingo Madness

BINGO MADNESS Prompt 10. Have fun with this! ~Melanie

“Did you hear about Sally Sue?”

I sat looking at my bingo cards, considering if I should get another one before everything starts. I normally tried to stay out of ear shot of the “gossip gals” but this Friday the hall was packed and somehow I managed to get the last seat next to the whole group.

“No.” One of the older ladies gasped. “That wasn’t Sally Sue, was it?”

“Mmm hmm.” Drawled one of the others. “Teaches her for thinking she could come in here and—”

“Shh!” The older lady elbowed her friend while motioning her head sharply in my direction.

I knew I should’ve kept my nose right out of it all but I couldn’t help myself.

“Thinking she could come in here and…what?” I asked.

“Now you did it, Ethel.” The older one jabbed the lady next to me as she turned, looking at me with a sad look.”Better take her with us after tonight.”

The rest of the evening was a tale that I bet would beat my great-grandaddies giant fish story! No one was going to believe me. Yet here it is.


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