School has Started!

School has started! Nothing like having a thunderstorm for an alarm clock. Everyone in the household was awake 30 minutes early today. It was kind of nice, despite my hatred for early mornings.

I am as excited as my children. I’ve got my day time writing hours back.

So what does that mean for you, my dear reader and writer friends?

#1) I’m aiming to have a new page set up today where we can easily find some writing advice/tips from professionals. While I think advice should be nothing more than that, it is enjoyable to see what professionals have to say. Please shoot me a list of some authors you’d like to find advice from if you’d like to add to my list.

#2) I never did find a partner in prompt crime, so I will be restarting my prompts today as well!

#3) Some creative writing from me. I’ve been aching to write, even if nothing more than 10 minute quickies. This summer has been super crazy though. I mean the pull out your hair while standing on top of the dining table, screaming wildly, crazy. (Oh, opps, am I the only one?? Shhh.)

I’m looking forward to the next nine months of day time quite.


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