I am a happily married woman, mom to five challenging and beautiful children, and a bit of a craft crazy lady. I love to create. I crochet, make jewelery, do crafts and arts with my children but my favorite activity of all is writing. My problem with writing is I am a bit of a “goldfish”. My writing attempts go something like:

Main Character walks into scene and is attacked by the ferocious beast—oh wait, it’s just Main Character’s boyfriend’s dog trying to lick her to death—when suddenly this happens and…..

Me: Oh look, new story idea! It sparkles! (I use to think of myself as Dory from Finding Nemo, but thanks to my sister-in-law, I’ve recently decided it’s just goldfish syndrome.) Story 1 sits lonely in it’s folder, usually between 3-5 chapters, and story 2 begins until the next shiny comes along to distract me. It’s an emotional issue that I am trying to overcome.

I am currently working on a story that I am dedicated to completing. I am slightly unsure of some places I want my story to move toward so I am also, on the side, playing around with another story. This second story is not a serious project for me. I need to keep writing, daily, no matter what and so this is what I’m doing.


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