Zombie Story: Part 1

(This is a zombie post-apocalyptic writing I am working on when not working on my main story. It is simply for fun. It is based off a dream I had recently. Enjoy!)
Part 1: Blood

Between the girls on the playground and the little kids chasing each other it was impossible for a group of guys to get in a soccer game. Our game was stopped once again, this time as Charlie fell flat on his face.

“Watch out,” was all we heard before Charlie sputtered on his feet, spinning around wildly as he tried to avoid the little girl frozen, staring at him with her mouth wide open. He stumbled over his feet a couple of steps and then he went down. The sound of flesh smacking the cement rang like the lunch bell as it ricocheted through the crowds and every kid in range stopped to stare. A chorus of hoots and cheers came from the guys. The kindergarten girl continued to stare in horror.Jake ran over to check on him. Jake’s mom was the school nurse and he’d know what to do until someone got her. I stayed to keep an eye on Michael. I was the largest of the four of us and while I kinda thought Michael might be able to take me, he’d never tried for it. Out there in the unfenced areas, neither of our strength or size would really matter.“Should’ve ran the brat over.” Michael snickered under his breath at me. I didn’t answer him. Michael was a great guy to play ball with but he wasn’t someone I wanted around my little sister. I think not only would he have ran over that little kid, he would have done it on purpose and ran all the harder just to make sure the kid was hurt as bad a possible. Continue reading