Ouch! That hurt.

ouchIt started innocent. I rarely share any “status updates” on FB unless I am posting something about one of my kids (for family members to read). We had something unexplainable happen in the middle of the night though, so I posted quick about it.

One recently recovered childhood friend commented that I should think about writing. My husband responded with some glowing praise. Another dear friend of mine responded with, “I have wanted her to be a writer sense I have known her. Still waiting………”


I know she didn’t mean for that to hurt but considering how long we’ve been friends… guess the truth hurts, huh? We’ve known one another for around 16 years.

What have I done with 16 years? I’ve done what most mommies do… I made my life my children’s and my family’s. At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself. Is that entirely true?

Being honest with myself is the hardest truths to admit to. I’ve always wanted to write and have tried. I find so many reasons though to not finish a darn thing I start though. There are so many reasons. *points back to an older article called Damaged*

I’ve started writing again. I don’t know if I can run fast enough this time to get passed my emotional hang-ups, but we’ll see.

For anyone out there that hears those demons whispering nasty words to destroy your efforts, I understand and send you a hug!





Be Inspiring

Would you like to help inspire others by writing prompts?

Due to some family stresses I am hoping to find someone that enjoys sharing inspiration as much as I do and co-author prompts with me.

If you are interested please leave a comment with email or email me at thewritersplayground@gmail.com

Prompt 18: Writer Interview

Yesterday you had the chance to interview your character. Today is your characters chance to interview you. 😉

Ok. I know it sounds a touch crazy, but with this type of go-go-go writing, you’re not just writing by the seat of your pants for 10 minutes, the seat of your pants is on fire.

Allowing this type of writing to simply move through you can be humorous at the least, fun and interesting, but it can also be very interesting.

“Eh, this sounds akward at best. What would I even ask myself?”

Let your character talk!

Ok, ok. How about starting with:

-Why are you writing my story
-What do you life about me?
-What don’t you like?

Don’t forget to create a scene. Most of all have fun!

From Dear Author: The Case of The Oatmeal v. FunnyJunk and Charles Carreon

This is copied from Ilona Andrew’s post found here: FROM DEAR AUTHOR

Reposted with permission


The Oatmeal is a satiric cartoon site run by Matthew Inman. About a year ago, he noticed that his content was being uploaded without attribution to a site called “The FunnJunk.” The FunnyJunk is a site that contains user generated content. This means that account holders post things that they like from all over the internet. Maybe a pre-Pinterest sort of site. The Oatmeal writes to the FunnyJunk requesting that the information be removed.

FunnyJunk took down the comics but proceeded to create a mirror image of The Oatmeal’s website. The Oatmeal responded by asking his readers what to do.

The FunnyJunk responded with a call to action to its own users asking them to inundate The Oatmeal’s inbox and facebook page. The FJ’s users responded in droves using their arsenal of retorts such as gay slurs and incoherently misspelled sentences to insult The Oatmeal and his biological predecessors for having the gall to procreate and, I guess, learn how to spell and draw. Continue reading