Review: Iced by Karen Marie Moning

“Iced” by Karen Marie Moning

This is a hard review for me to write. I absolutely love Karen Marie Moning’s (KMM) Fever series. As a fan of Fever, I waited anxiously for Iced to be released on October 30th. My birthday was just a few days before, so what a birthday present for me.

Reading Format: Nook E-Book.

Is Iced PG-13?

Oh no. Not at all. In fact I am very impressed with how KMM handled the subject matter of Dani and sex and managing to keep it adult at the same time. No, Dani doesn’t have sex in the book. She does touch upon the feelings that all teenagers begin to feel challenged with though at around that age. Dani isn’t a child and she isn’t an adult. She’s obviously not ready to become an adult and that is good and KMM wrote all of this was a skill that left me in awe. Great job!

Ok, beyond the touchiness of Dani’s age, KMM did not disappoint in the ways that she wrote this and keeping the Fever world an adult one!

Things that I loved:

I loved being back in the Fever world. I loved seeing Barrons name brought up and Mac’s too. Getting to know Dani better was great as was getting to see much more of Ryodan. The interaction between Ryodan and Dani was hilarious most of the time and sometimes you were cheering one or the other on, “Ha! Take that!”

Christian, oh poor Christian. It’s so sad to see that the problem’s Christian was left to suffer (so far). If he’s lost to the Unseelie he’s becoming, well… I think he’s going to be an interesting Unseelie Prince.

Dancer. Toward the end of Mac’s story we start hearing a bit about someone that Dani has befriended named Dancer. We get to meet Dancer in Iced and see a bit of what he’s like. So far I like Dancer quite a bit. I think he’s old enough to help Dani but young enough yet to make mistakes of the young. He accepts her for who she is though, quirks and all. He seems to be nothing more than a super-smart human, but I’m not entirely convinced yet that there isn’t something more to Dancer… something more… Supernatural? We’ll see later on, I’m sure.

We get a few chapters that are from Christian’s PoV. We get a few from Kat (at the abbey trying to take care of all the girls as their leader). I liked seeing more from Kat in that way. Deeper insight into her character… which leads me to one of my few complaints.

(Please remember this is just my personal experience.)

Dislike #1

Character switches– We’ve had five books before in the series that stayed 100% in the PoV of one character (Mac) with exception of the one time that Mac really couldn’t tell her story. During the one occasion that we needed someone’s PoV, besides Mac, we were clearly clued in that the PoV changed to Dani’s.

In Iced this was not so true. Since we had five previous books that stayed with one character’s PoV, I was not expecting character hopping. Now, it’s not that bad. Most of the book is from Dani’s PoV. KMM did hop a few times to Christian’s head and Kat’s head. This wouldn’t have been so bad but there was no real clear cue to the reader, “Oh! We’re switching characters!” I don’t enjoy reading paragraphs or even a couple of pages thinking I’m reading one character’s PoV only to slow down, become suspicious and then stop… Wait… who is this? Read a little bit more to confirm. OH! That makes more sense, we’ve switched to so-and-so character. Go back, reread what I already did so I can read it from the correct PoV. Ugh.

Dislike #2

This. Is. Annoying.

I know KMM pulled off this way of expressing voice a few times in the first five Fever books, but it was overdone horribly in Iced. After about the 5th time of reading broken up sentences, every time I came upon one of these it would jolt me and throw me from the Fever world. Yesterday (or the day before) I noticed author Maggie Stiefvater use this in a status post on Facebook. I shuddered. I had a physical reaction to it!

Maybe. I’m. Too. Old! I don’t know. The frequency of this though was too much for me. Maybe had it been only Dani, it wouldn’t have been as bad. Even adult characters were talking this way though. Ryodan! Noooo, please not Ryodan! Hangs head sadly. Yes, even Ryodan fell to such broken speech.

Dislike #3

Dani Speech

Dani’s speech is written so that she seems young and unaware of some common sayings. For example, she doesn’t understand the expression of “Glass houses”. I can accept that.

What I couldn’t accept was how Dani chastised Ryodan for using big words. Yet, throughout the book (even just pages after she chastises Ryo) Dani herself is narrating with words that even I had to look up in a dictionary. That made Dani feel much older than she was, at times (and not in that child having grown up too fast way). It just didn’t seem right to me and jarred me once again from the Fever world. It felt “out of character”.

Dislike #4

The “cliffhanger” ending– I try hard to not ruin anyone’s experience with spoilers, so this last complaint may seem cryptic. The ending has a big cliffhanger feel to it. I’ve even seen other reviewers who were excited about the ending. Eh. I think any real fan of the Fever series isn’t going to find the end to be much of a cliffhanger at all. While this moment has been building and building and building in Dani’s mind and emotions, we the fans know the basic fact of the outcome. We don’t know the details yet, which I can’t wait to read!!! Most of us though know things that Dani does not.

For those of you who have read the end and feel you don’t know, think about it for a few minutes. Recall the situation as it was presented to us previously. The ones involved and personalities. You know too now, don’t you? 🙂

This situation may not resolve with the next book. There are many ways that KMM could stop Dani from resolving this conflict.. I’m can’t wait to see what she’ll do to Dani in the next book!

OverallIced was awesome! The plot was just as gripping as was the first five books. The “bad guys” great! It really doesn’t have slow down points. The story grabs you and straps you in for a fast, fun ride!!

Over all four stars!








10 Minute Quickie (Day 2)

(Continued from Day 1) (This is a 10 Minute Quickie. There has been no editing or revision so please excuse the dust.)

“Who put a wall in the middle of the damn sidewalk?” I choked out accusingly between staggered breaths. “Lee, put me down.” I slapped his chest letting him know I was going to be fine.

His expression relaxed and he laughed as he dropped me on my feet. Wolves. Wolves confused me and Lee confused me even more. He lived just down the street and when I first moved into my apartment, Lee seemed to despise me. I was paranoid for weeks that I needed new shampoo, deodorant, laundry detergent or something because every time I passed by this man his lips narrowed, he stared at me hard and his nose wrinkled. Wrinkled!

I couldn’t take it. One day I stopped running as I neared his small front yard garden patch, walked up with in inches of his body and inhaled sharply.

“I don’t smell a darn thing wrong with me. Do you? If you do, please let me know what it is so I can take care of it. If not would you please stop looking at me as if I rolled on rotted meat instead of deodorant?” He stepped back, his face unreadable. His head tilted to the right as he took his sweet time looking me over. I was about to show him exactly how I was different from normal humans when he laughed that warming laugh of his. Continue reading

Day 1

(The following is my daily write. It is fresh off the Muse press. No editing or revisions so please excuse the dust.)

Busy! Her phone was busy. My cell slammed on to the table. How could it be busy? Alicia was gabby, I knew that but how could her phone be busy? She had to be talking to two people at the same time. It was barely light outside. I picked my phone up and swung it downward at the table top a few more times. Damn it. What was I doing?

I picked up my phone and checked it over. Thank goodness for Gorilla® glass. I had destroyed so many phones that I didn’t believe this one would last, but so far I hadn’t busted it. I needed to learn to control my temper. Patience was not one of my virtues and today it was pushed past my limit. There was nothing worse than waiting for potential bad news.

The kitchen chair hit the floor as I flew to my feet pushing away from the table. I had to get out of here. There was nothing in this boring apartment to help calm my nerves. I didn’t even have a cat or goldfish to confide in. Alicia was obviously busy. She was one of my dearest friends, but that’s one of the cons of having a friend as sweet as Alicia—she’s got a lot of good friends. Where to go? I checked my cell. 6:50AM. The doctor’s office wouldn’t be calling for awhile yet.

I shoved the phone in my jeans pocket, pulled on my beat-up running shoes, double checked the deadbolt on my door then took off down the stairs. Mr. Beaker from A3 waved as he headed into his apartment. He had to be the friendliest vampire I’d ever known. I waved back—who wants to insult a vampire—and continued outside.

I didn’t care for running. I knew there were people who lived to run and when they see you running they assume you love running too. Why else would you run? I didn’t have an answer for that other than I had to run. My furniture had seen damage from my restlessness on the occasions I hadn’t been able to get out. The agitation started like an annoying flicking sensation at the base of my skull. As the day wore on this feeling would spread throughout my entire body. The only way to be rid of it was heavy activity. Lifting weights seemed like such a guy thing. I ran.

Today I ran for another reason. I ran so I wouldn’t destroy my phone while trying to wait for the call. I pulled the phone out of my pocket, checking it to make sure I didn’t accidentally mute the ringer or something.

“Sarah, watch it!”

Pain jolted down my spine and the air whipped from my chest as I ran face first into a wall of flesh.

“Shit!” A pair of arms scooped me up as my backside grazed the cement. The sexiest, powder blue eyes searched my face. “Sarah?” The face swam before my eyes as I gulped down some air, the fire in my chest calming.

“Who put a wall in the middle of the damn sidewalk?” I choked out accusingly between staggered breaths. “Lee, put me down.” I slapped his chest letting him know I was going to be fine.