Wishing on a Star


“Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight.” I paused and opened my bedroom window. The night breeze caressed my hair with those warm, end-of-summer scents. With my eyes scrunched closed, I jabbed my finger out the window at the sparkling sky, opened my eyes and focused hard on one of the glittering spots I was pointing to. “I wish I may, I wish I might have this wish I wish tonight.”

Drawing my chest tight, I held my breath as I offered my wish to the cosmos.

I wish with every fiber of my being that I’ll meet a guy that’s right for me; Looks aren’t really important, but slightly curly hair would be cute but what is important is he needs to be caring, sensitive, and gentle. It’d be great if he likes reading. Most important though is that I can bring him to my grandma and he’ll treat her as the angel she is. I want my life to change. Star bright, this is my wish tonight.

I blew at the sky like I was blowing out birthday candles as I sent my wish into the air. I crawled into bed, tugged my ragged teddy into my arms and stared at my winking wishing star until I fell asleep. As I watched the sky, I had started feeling silly for making a star wish. Only little kids wished on stars, right? What I couldn’t  have known was that my sixteenth birthday wish would  irrevocably change my life.




Prompt 18: Writer Interview

Yesterday you had the chance to interview your character. Today is your characters chance to interview you. 😉

Ok. I know it sounds a touch crazy, but with this type of go-go-go writing, you’re not just writing by the seat of your pants for 10 minutes, the seat of your pants is on fire.

Allowing this type of writing to simply move through you can be humorous at the least, fun and interesting, but it can also be very interesting.

“Eh, this sounds akward at best. What would I even ask myself?”

Let your character talk!

Ok, ok. How about starting with:

-Why are you writing my story
-What do you life about me?
-What don’t you like?

Don’t forget to create a scene. Most of all have fun!